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Instructional technology can enhance course design, student engagement and learning whether in a hybrid, online, or face-to-face class. Beyond Blackboard and the software provided by CCNY, there are multitudes of free and low-cost educational technologies and tools available. This toolkit is a compilation of resources for different instructional technologies. Please take a look at them below: 

Interactive Learning

These tools rely on a hands-on approach to help students become more engaged and retain more material.

Collaborative Learning 

Collaborative editing technology provides students real-time experiential learning, working in groups to complete projects such as presentations or papers. 

Online discussion spaces provide both synchronous and asynchronous social learning environments outside of the classroom. 

Digital Portfolios 

Student portfolios are great tools for students to reflect on their learning/growth and instructors to assess student performance across the duration of the course. 

Course Design Tools 

There are multiple ways you can present your course/lecture to students in engaging formats.  

There are many ways you can record videos for your classes. You can record your screen using video conferencing software like Zoom, or you can use the resources outlined below. 

YouTube videos are a great way to edit, save, and share digital course content for hybrid, online, and flipped courses. YouTube is especially helpful in that it creates closed-captions for your videos automatically, making the videos accessible for your students. You can share videos by sharing the URL of the YouTube page. 

Course webpages are an easy way to digitally share syllabi, schedules, and open educational resources with students. 

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