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TLC Mission

The Teaching and Learning Center fosters a culture of collaborative learning, pedagogical inquiry, and community engagement. Through workshops, seminars, and consultations, we encourage culturally sensitive, community engaged, project based learning in every discipline.

We support the pedagogic use of CUNY academic technology, including the Academic Commons, Office 365, Dropbox, and Blackboard.

We collaborate with the campus leaders of the Open Educational Resources initiative and the Campus Engagement Network.

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Policies and Procedures

The Teaching and Learning Center staff provides pedagogical, Blackboard, OER, and Academic Commons support to CCNY faculty by conducting individual training sessions and workshops through Zoom or email correspondence. We do not currently offer in person appointments.

CCNY instructors are responsible for building and managing their Blackboard course sites. TLC staff can show you how to build the site, but cannot build the site for you. The TLC staff aims to help instructors use technology to achieve their pedagogical aims, but we do not serve as administrative assistants. Instructors are limited to two appointments per week, eight appointments per semester.

Please be aware that the TLC consultants serve as instructors and in other student support roles on campus. They are often working multiple jobs. While we are sometimes unable to answer questions during a session, we will always research the issue and get back to you as soon as possible. Please treat TLC consultants with the same respect with which you’d like to be treated. This should go without saying, but do not raise your voice or insult any consultant. If the consultant becomes uncomfortable with your behavior, they are authorized to end the session without warning. If this happens, please contact the TLC director at tpeele@ccny.cuny.edu.

Individual appointments should be scheduled ahead of time using the booking system available on the TLC website. Individual appointments are scheduled for either thirty or sixty minutes. TLC staff cannot extend appointment times.

  • TLC staff will not perform training in CCNY instructors’ offices, classrooms, or homes.
  • TLC staff will not accept or use CCNY instructors’ Bb/CUNYfirst passwords.
  • TLC staff will not access CCNY instructors’ Bb courses remotely.
  • TLC staff will not perform Blackboard functions for or on behalf of faculty.
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